Conservation Working Party

Our first conservation party will be taking place on Sunday 22nd September from 10am-1pm. Meet at the Dorset Way entrance for Fox Hill woods.

Our initial aim is to remove some of the more invasive species and create an area with more light. A lighter area will make the woodland habitat more diverse and help the larger trees to grow healthily.

We will begin with a short introduction to using the tools safely. Initially, we will target the young holly and sycamore saplings and thin denser growth. We will also move some of the fallen trees where they are resting on and damaging healthy specimens. Another task might include coppicing some of the hazel trees. The hazel poles will be stored ready for our next session when they can be used as supports for a dead hedge. Lighter tasks will include clearing some of the overhanging branches from the pathway.

Please wear clothing with long sleeves, long trousers, sturdy shoes and bring a pair of gardening gloves. Don’t forget to bring a drink and something to eat.

If you’re thinking of attending, or would like more information please let us know by sending an email to