Update on Public Footpath Application

Committee members have been collating the information on historical footpath use provided to us by residents who used the official Council forms. These will be used as part of the evidence on the applications we will be making.

Part of the work entailed mapping out these paths then ensuring they are actually still there, noting their Grid references and taking photographs. Some were found to be very overgrown or cut off by fencing. We are now in the position of having detailed maps of both the Council and the Privately-owned areas from which we can establish which routes to apply for. Our understanding is that the 39 acres of Fox Hill that was sold earlier this year is proposed to be a SANG which must include public footpaths, in the mean time the committee has decided to include paths within this area in our applications. The process will include involving Wokingham Borough Council and the land owners.

Once the application is finalised we will post copies of the maps and details of the footpaths we have made applications to designate as Public Footpaths for you to see. Our thanks to everyone for the historic details we can use as evidence for this process. If you would like any further information please e-mail footpaths@friendsoffoxhill.org.