Garden Waste

Have you seen lawn clippings and tree cuttings whilst walking in the woods?

You may answer ‘Yes’.

Why is it not good practice to dump garden waste in the woods?  After all you may think it will rot down/compost and provide nutrients to the soil.

What you may not realise is the impact that this can have on the flora and fauna of the land where waste is left.  It can lead to the introduction of parasites or disease included with cuttings, waste, and autumn leaf fall.

Have you spotted any of the following whilst walking in the woods?

The purple flowering Rhododendron Ponticum, Crocosmia, Bamboo, and the lovely Buddleia Davidii, also known as the Butterfly Bush?  These are just a few of the invasive species that have made their way into the woods.

Your garden waste could also introduce non-native species in the woods.  These non-native species can take over and prevent the native plants from flourishing.  Some can remain dormant for many years; potato peelings/seeds for 3 years, and Japanese Knotweed for up to 20 years.

So please dispose of your garden waste in an environmentally safe way.  The local authority provides a kerbside collection of garden waste via bins and bags.  You can also take your garden waste to the Household Waste Recycling centre.  We are fortunate to have such unique woodland on our doorstep.  Please help to keep it free from non-native invasive species.

Here is a link to some shrubs that are surprisingly considered invasive: