Conservation Report – June

Wild Honeysuckle

On Sunday, 13th June, we held our last volunteer conservation working party for a couple of months. It was a successful session and as we continue to remove Rhododendron.  There is more space for a greater variety of native plants to grow.  One native species which grows well in the woods is wild honeysuckle.

The bark from wild honeysuckle is used by dormice for nest building.  We have not seen any dormice but will keep a look out!

You will see that we are edging the areas where we have worked with some of the dead wood and fallen trunks. This to encourage everyone to use the existing pathways so that the newly cleared areas are given a chance to establish. 

Dead Hedge & Plants

You can see in this photograph how the plants have begun to thrive next to one of the dead hedges we built.

Rhododendron Stumps

You might also notice that we have left the stumps of the rhododendron standing quite high.  WBC will be cutting them closer to the ground and applying a pesticide to complete the process.

Thank you to everyone who took part.

Stephanie Mckay – Conservation Officer FOFH