Conservation Report – May

On Sunday, 16th May, our Conservation Group met once again.  Fifteen people attended, which included 4 Committee members of Friends of Fox Hill. We ensured Government guidelines were adhered to by splitting into 3 groups, each one with a leader.

Our aim for the morning was to remove more Rhododendron and create space for a greater variety of trees to grow. 

All the brash was stacked along the verge by the Dorset Way entrance.  WBC Countryside Service will shred it and the chippings will be used in our next session to improve the main pathways.

In addition, we managed to fit in a short session of Himalayan Balsam removal, another invasive plant.  Rhododendron and Himalayan Balsam both have attractive flowers.  However much we remove them, there will still be plenty left to admire.

Stephanie Mckay, Conservation Officer FOFH