Footpaths Registration update

Earlier this year, we asked users of Fox Hill to help us in registering footpaths, by providing evidence of usage and recording where they walked. Thank you to everyone who responded – you certainly gave us a busy summer!

The Friends of Fox Hill’s footpath team has now analysed all the historical evidence submitted to us relating to journeys people have taken through Fox Hill and Round Hill in the past. We have checked that the walks mentioned still exist and have created the map shown below. Please note this map covers the entire geographical area and is not divided into areas of current ownership.

As you will see the network is quite extensive and has taken some time to validate. The team has also taken photographs and map references for the start and finish of each pathway. We have also analysed the number of times each pathway has been used in the evidence that has been provided to us, and we will shortly be making an application to Wokingham Borough Council and the land owners to have the most used officially recognised as Public Footpaths.

We will advise you when this application is submitted, plus the progress it makes.

Tony, Sue and Liz

Friends of Fox Hill