Conservation Report – July 2022

Thank you to everyone who turned out on a rather hot morning to take part in our working party on Sunday 17th July.  We started at 9am and finished at 12pm.  Our group totalled eleven which included one person attending for the first time.  Thank you also to Graham for arriving early and assisting with the set up.

Jobs included moving the wood chip pile from the Dorset Way entrance to the woods and using this to improve one of the pathways. A large fallen branch was cleared from one of the paths.

Ditch Clearing

There was some ditch clearing done on a section where the ground was still soft enough to work on.  Clear ditches will aid the drainage in future and direct the water should we have a sudden downpour.

Rhododendron was removed and mostly used to top up our dead hedges.  These dead hedges provide a varied habitat for wildlife.  The remaining Rhododendron was stacked at the Dorset Way entrance where it will be shredded and then used for further pathway restoration.

Rhododendron Removal Area

There will not be a session in August, so our next session will be on Sunday, 11th September. Please see our Events Calendar for the dates for the rest of 2022.

Stephanie Mckay – Voluntary Conservation Officer