Conservation Report – February 2023

Thank you to everyone who joined our working party on Sunday, 19th February. There were 21 people in attendance, which meant we were able to work on several different areas.

<<< The rhododendron was cleared once again.

Some of the brash was left at the Dorset Way entrance. The rest was used to create a dead hedge. >>>

The hedge was created to make a natural boundary between the area we have cleared and the footpath on open ground next to Fox Hill.

It will also provide a home for small insects.

<<< The chippings, made for us by WBC Countryside Service, were used to improve pathways.

More work was carried out on the maintenance of the ditches and an area by the main pathway, as it enters at the top of Dorset Way, was cleared. >>>

We now have a larger leadership team so that we can share the responsibility for organising each session.  Shortly before each session, we meet on site and decide which areas we need to work on. This gives us the opportunity to consider any specific health and safety issues, and for us to ensure that we are not removing rhododendron where it might impact on existing animal homes.

The Conservation Team – Graham, Liz, Steph and Steve