Conservation Report – September 2021

Volunteers were working to clear the Rhododendron in the woods last Sunday morning. The Rhododendron is an invasive non-native species which blocks the light and stops other plants growing. Once the Rhododendron has been cut, it is stacked on one side of the path at the Dorset Way entrance.

We are working in conjunction with Wokingham Borough Council. They will shred the stacked Rhododendron brash into chippings. For our next working party, we will be asking volunteers to bring wheel barrows so we can use chippings to improve the paths.

The photo on the left shows the damp area that will be used to plant Wild Garlic.

The photo on the right shows an area we have cleared of Rhododendron, which we have now marked for the planting of Bluebells.

Rhododendron is a hardy plant so the regrowth needs to be cut back a number of times to help weaken it further. Wokingham Borough Council have applied a herbicide to the stumps which is commonly used by the Forestry Commission.