Annual Bulb Planting Event – 2022

On Sunday 23rd October, Friends of Fox Hill met in the woods to plant some native wildflower bulbs.  This event was open to all, and we managed to plant about 250 bulbs and corms.

We chose native, not garden, plants and purchased them through a specialist nursery.  This will help to maintain the unique nature of the woodland.  Garden plants are not a good idea as they quickly take over and can spread easily.

The native bluebells, wood anemones, and celandines were planted behind the dead hedges where they will not be disturbed by walkers.  The wild garlic, or ramsons, prefer a damper habitat and so they were planted closer to the stream and the decorated hornbeam tree.

We also held a “guess the acorns in a jar” competition and there were some very accurate estimations!

Stephanie Mckay – Voluntary Conservation Officer