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Friends of Fox Hill
Dear friend,

Fox Hill Woods are under threat and immediate action is required.

Back in January, many of you attended our public meeting where the history and potential futures of Fox Hill Woods were outlined. Thank you to those who did - if you didn't, or need a reminder of what went on, the presentations, meeting minutes and a message from our new Chair, Jo, are available.

In the last few days, a SOLD sign has appeared on the land. With the deadline for Local Plan Update survey responses due by 4pm on Friday 22nd, now is the time to make our views known.

Please spend time this evening or weekend responding to the LPU survey. To ensure that our views are heard, we've spent time talking to local councillors and experts with in-depth knowledge of planning, and used this to produce a clear, concise explanation of how to respond to the survey. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 - simply click the buttons below!

A two page guide to the best way to respond to the survey. Contains maps of the area and land for sale.
If anything's not clear, we've a Facebook page, where you can ask other residents for clarification or advice. Or contact us by email.
Respond to the Local Plan Update survey. Remember, you only have until 4pm on 22nd February.
The next seven days are crucial to the future of Fox Hill. If now isn't a convenient time to read and respond, why not set a reminder in your calendar?