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Friends of Fox Hill
Dear friend,
Thank you for showing an interest in the Friends of Fox Hill community group and providing
us with your email address.

Fox Hill has only one recognised public footpath, which goes from Limmerhill Road to
Highlands Avenue, something we'd like to change. There are many more pathways within the woods, and in order to have these recognised as footpaths, we need to provide historical evidence that they have been used continuously for at least the last 20 years. If there is evidence beyond 20 years, so much the better as it will add more weight to our case.

With your help we now need to get the footpaths of Fox Hill recognised as public rights of
way. If you have used the woods any time between now and 1999 or earlier, then you can
help. This means you can help even if you have used the paths for just some of the 20
years. If you have evidence of use, such as documents or photographs, then those will help
as well.

Please email us at with your home address, including
postcode, so that we may post a Council form to you for completion. You will need to return
this form to us so we can include it as part of a joint submission to the Council.

Please note that the information you provide in the Council form, including names and
addresses, cannot be treated as confidential due to the public nature of the enquiry. Friends
of Fox Hill will not share your information with any third party; only the forms for submission
to the Council.

With kind regards
Sue Leamon
Secretary, Friends of Fox Hill

p.s. If you think your relatives, friends or neighbours could help, please forward this email to them!